Crawl space clean up


Crawl space clean up is an essential home maintenance to do for every homeowner, but sadly most homeowners fail to keep up with this task. It can be an unpleasant one, especially if you are unfamiliar with what to look for or nervous about what you mind find in there. There could be moisture leaks, mold, debris, and even pests like insects or rodents in your crawl space. It is very important though, because neglecting to clean out your crawl space can lead to various issues like poor indoor air quality, structural damage, and an increase in energy costs for your home.

Have no fear, Above All Restoration is here to assist you with your crawl space clean up. We use the best process, products, and techniques to get your crawl space cleaned and sealed up to prevent any future damage from occurring. When you give us a call and have us come out to your home for a free estimate, we will inspect the crawl space to see what may need to be done.

Once you hire us as your crawl space clean out team, we will first remove any debris that has accumulated down there. This could be leaves, sticks, trash, or old insulation. If there are rodents or pests present, we will advise on the best way to remove them, but more than likely we will recommend contacting a pest control specialist.

Then we will address any moisture issues whether those are caused by leaks, poor ventilation, or missing or old vapor barrier. Mold could be present if there is moisture as well so we will mitigate that as well to make sure that your crawl space is free from mold as it is essential to remove it as quickly as possible. This will be done by removing and replacing old insulation, and applying mold resistant coatings or encapsulating products. If needed, we will install a new vapor barrier, seal and gaps or cracks so that moisture and rodents can’t get down there anymore. Having your crawl space cleaned up can significantly improve your indoor air quality, overall structural integrity, and energy efficiency. Once done, regular maintenance and preventative measures will keep your space in a really good condition.